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A looooong update

I got to see "Willy wonka and the chocolate factory"

Oh, my god, Once again Tim Burton is a God. Loved it 10/10 awsome movie. Johnny did wonderfully in that role. It was wierd to see him like that. The only other two movies he acted in that were anywhere NEAR that.... area of acting was Jack Sparrow and Icabod Crane (Craine). But just the facial expression sand the way he said this characters lines. It was really good. I enjoyed it greatly. Then i was watching the ending credits (cause i have that kind of time) Now i may be wrong. But i am Very sure of what i saw. Danny Elfman. Our Danny. Picture him in your minds eye for a moment. Okay now picture the oompaloompa's in this movie. got it? okay. Um, Danny Elfman. Did the vocals. meaning He was the one singing!!! The oompaloompa songs. WHAT!?!?! Like i said "I might be wrng" But that's what i thought i read in the ending credits. He did good singing as Jack form "Nightmare before christmas" But as oompaloompa's? that scared me.

Also i saw the previews for "Corpse Bride" and i want to see more, and more, and more, and more! I can hardly wait!!!! I'm gonna start counting down. Laters!
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