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Hey there, my name is Moe and obviously I'm new here.  I found this community and had to join for the love of all three of these amazing men.  

For my senior year my band is putting Elfman on the field for marching band (thanks to moi).  We are playing Main Titles from Beetlejuice, Augustus Gloop from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, What's This from The Nightmare Before Christmas, Ice Dance from Edward Scissorhands, and bits of the two pieces from Good Will Hunting.  I think we should have done Big Fish or Corpse Bride insted of GWH.  Now, I've never seen GWH.  All I know is that Robin Williams is in it.  Is that movie any good?  And what are the songs that Elfman did like?  Anyway, the show is called Music for a Darkened Theater after his CD, eventhough GWH isn't on either....   

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