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It's So Dark In Here.

A Johnny Depp, Tim Burton, Danny Elfman Community
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This community is for people who love the work of Johnny Depp, Tim Burton, and Danny Elfman. NOT the actual guys. If you are a drooling fan girl who thinks johnny depp is SuPpER HOt and SeXxy. Then hey. Sorry this communtiy is not for you. Rabid fangirls gotta find somewhere else to scream and giggle.

Here you can talk about the movies, songs, jokes, queots, favorite lines. All of it. Share your own idea's just come have fun!

No giggling over johnny, danny, or tim. It's annoying.

No promoting on this communitiy unless it has to do with johnny, tim, or danny. All promoting entries must go through me first.

No fighting. Debate is fine. But please no fighting.