Karla (blackcat876) wrote in 3_dark_lords,

Oh. My. God. I'm going to interview Johnny Depp. I am in shock. So the story is that I am required (by the school district) to do a senior project in order to graduate from High School, and we have to have a mentor to help us. So my mentor just happens to be a director and she is soooo cool. I spoke to her on Friday, and she asked what I was doing my project on... I said that I was doing it on Tim Burton's movies... she says "oh, I can help you do your research paper too... I know Johnny Depp; I can e-mail him (he's currently in the Bahamas filming Pirates 2) and ask him some questions about Tim..." I almost had a heart attack. I can't beleive that this is happening...

Sorry for the long post.
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